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Dry Cleaning Your Suit

By Jerry Thomas


So you think your suit needs dry cleaning? Think again!
How would you like to be submersed in a liquid for 20 minutes and then spun around until you have no life left? You wouldn’t, so I suggest you treat your suits the same way.
One of the biggest factors in shortening the life of a suit is unnecessary dry cleaning. Our recommendation would be to dry clean your suit no more than 3 or 4 times a year, assuming that you don’t change the motor oil, cut the lawn or stain the suit. If your suit meets your favorite food then immediately take it to the cleaners, but ask them to try to clean the spot out rather than dry cleaning the entire suit. it’ll save a lot of wear and tear on your suit. Don’t try and remove the stain yourself, leave that to the professional. Inform them of the type of spot you have.


A few good tips on keeping your suits looking new
• Store suits on the original hanger when not being worn. Wide hangers keep the shoulders from sagging. Wool has memory - wrinkles will hang out.
• Never button the suit jacket or zip the pants while storing. This is the only time you can keep your pants unzipped.
• Brush your suit after each wearing. It takes off the surface dirt.
• Dry clean your suit no more than a couple of times a year.
• Find a reputable dry cleaner (you get what you pay for).
• Always clean both jacket and pants together. Colors may undergo subtle changes in the dry cleaning process.
• Request hand pressing of the jacket (lapels need to be rolled).